Cake Batter Cookie Bars!

The verdict is in: These are delightful. So often I scroll past recipes shared on Facebook, but I have a legitimate weakness for rainbow sprinkles so the Betty Crocker Cake Batter Cookie Bars made the cut.

The recipe itself is pretty straightforward, and bake time was right on target: 32 minutes.

Here is what it looked like out of the oven:


Then came the loooong process of cooling and when it was time to ice it, I lost my will to be industrious (just keeping it real over here) and opted for leftover icing in my freezer, rather than making my own. Beep bop boop and 15 seconds in the microwave…Voila! Icing.

Did  I mention the leftover icing was blue??


More sprinkles and it was time to taste test. Funny thing: these two children just magically appeared when I announced that the cookie bars were done.

Aside from the delicious pre-dinner snack, the best part was Quint thanking me for making his “sprinkle cake”…like three times.

Happily ever after in our house!!


We love to bake and HAD to try this recipe. I mean, cake…cookies…sprinkles…Need I say more??

Here’s the recipe in case you want to give them a try:

Betty Crocker Cake Batter Cookie Bars

Happy Baking!


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